2020 SRO Statement

Boone County Families, 

The Boone County Sheriff’s Department recently notified Boone County school districts that School Resource Officers (SROs) would be reassigned to other departmental duties outside the schools. This change will occur at the end of the semester. 

We know the department did not reach this decision lightly. The services our SROs provide to our school districts, to our students, and to our communities are invaluable and will be greatly missed. In addition to ensuring school safety, our SROs have developed relationships with our students and families through regular positive interactions in our school buildings, mentoring, and teaching opportunities. We are thankful for each of our school SROs and the investment they’ve made in the well-being and development of our students.  

We look forward to a time that allows us to continue this partnership with the Boone County Sheriff’s Department.


Steve Combs, Superintendent

Harrisburg R-VIII School District 

John Downs, Superintendent

Hallsville School District

Geoff Neill, Superintendent

Sturgeon R-V School District

Chris Felmlee, Superintendent

Southern Boone School District