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July 2018 Tentative Agenda

July 2018 Tentative Agenda – special session

July 2018 Tentative Agenda-special session

August 2018 Tentative Agenda – Tax Rate Hearing

September 2018 Tentative Agenda

October 2018 Tentative Agenda

November 2018 Tentative Agenda

December 2017 Tentative Agenda

January 2018 Tentative Agenda

February 2018 Tentative Agenda

March 2018 Tentative Agenda

April 2018 Tentative Agenda

May 2018 Tentative Agenda

June 2018 Tentative Agenda

June 2018 Tentative Agenda–special session








PUBLIC COMMENT:  For those of you who are new or have never attended a school board meeting before, we would like for you to know that we appreciate and encourage your comments.  The “Public Comment” section on the agenda is not a question and answer period. We ask, and have established a guideline, that your comments be limited to three (3) minutes or less.  If your topic is particularly complicated or lengthy, you are always welcome to submit your comments in writing.

QUESTIONS:  If you have questions, we encourage you to contact the appropriate school teacher, principal, or administrator to ask your questions or express your concerns.  As trained educators, they are the people most likely to effectively answer questions and resolve issues involving students and patrons of the district.  If the question is not answered or you continue to have concerns, you may submit the item in writing to the board.  Alternatively, you may contact the Board President or Superintendent and request that the item be considered as an agenda item for a regularly scheduled school board meeting.  The board and administrators work together to set the agenda for each meeting.

Thank you in advance for following these guidelines.  We sincerely appreciate your involvement in the educational process.