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A business slogan once used by a local grocery store in Harrisburg said, Large enough to accommodate, small enough to appreciate.  This slogan still applies to not only the grocery store but also to the school district and the community in general.  Do not let the population sign number of 266, no stop lights, and the one four-way stop fool you.  Harrisburg, Missouri is home to twelve businesses, two churches, and a preK-12 school, along with numerous home-based businesses.  It is a community that works hard for its future and that includes the future of its children.

The Harrisburg School District educates approximately 580 students each year.  Each student receives the attention he/she needs in the educational process, from getting on the bus at the front door to the desk in the classroom and back home again.  The district has educated productive members of society reinforcing the hard work ethic necessary for success.  Harrisburg students are known for their success at the district and state levels in basketball, baseball, softball, speech, quiz bowl, music (band and vocal), and math competitions.  The district promotes a close working relationship with parents/guardians and other adults to help contribute to the educational process of each student.  A high quality teaching staff is included in this process.  The Harrisburg district is a progressive district consistently looking for methods to implement technology in the classroom.

Large enough to accommodate, small enough to appreciate.  The Harrisburg R-VIII School District is large enough to provide the necessary components to ensure a quality education is available to each student for success while at the same time is small enough to provide individual attention to each student to help them become a productive community member.  Harrisburg provides the best of both worlds.  


Harrisburg, Missouri (population 266) is just north of Columbia, Missouri.


From the east side of Columbia, take Highway 63 North for 12 miles.  Then take Highway 124 West for 8 miles.

From the Columbia Mall, just follow Route E North for 12 miles and then take Highway 124 West for 2 miles.

From the west side of Columbia take I-70 west, take the Route J exit (exit 117).  Follow Route J for 13 miles.

The Harrisburg School District encompasses a 100 square mile radius around the town of Harrisburg.  The student population of Harrisburg Schools is around 600 students preK-12.


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