Congrats to the Bulldog Speech Team

Harrisburg High School’s speech team competed on Saturday April 22 at the state competition held at Missouri State University campus in Springfield, MO. 166 schools were represented and the minimum number of competitors in each round was 32. While none of our competitors advanced to finals, everyone received strong marks in the preliminary rounds

Tristan Forbis presented his poetry pieces – a collection from Shel Silverstein – and he was rewarded with a second place vote. Judges in his round commented specifically on the voices he uses in his final piece, the ironic “Nap Thief.”

Jessica Justice – only a junior and in her first year of competition – presented a humorous interpretation called “Moonraker Madness.” She earned a 3rd place vote and many commented on how funny several of her bits were.

Gracie Williams presented an oratory called Brave in the Attempt about putting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities first. Many commented on her solid solutions sections and praised her for raising such a significant social issue. She also earned a 3rd place vote.

Bailey O’Brian presented a powerful prose reading from a 9/11 memoir entitled Widow’s Walk. One of her judges gave her a 1st ranking. She was only a few points away from advancing to finals.

Bailey O’Brian and Will DiStefano presented a lively duet called “The Big Bang”. They earned both a 1st place and a 3rd place vote for one of their rounds. They will present this piece for MUSART on Wednesday evening.