Distance Learning Plan March 31-April 3

Teachers and Parents: 

  • Teachers will have virtual office hour time slots via email this week (please see link below), access to this schedule is also available on the school Facebook page.
  • The District will be utilizing Zoom at a later date, please look for additional communications in the future. 
  • Students should begin working on assignments Tuesday, March 31. 

Preschool through 5th Grade Students:

  • Elementary students will continue with packet work as originally scheduled and may work at their own pace a little each day for two weeks.  
  • Parents may communicate with teachers via email during their virtual office hours. 

Middle and High School Students: 

  • Middle and high school students need to work on their Google Classroom assignments.  All teachers have created these virtual classrooms with assignments. If you are having trouble accessing material online, please let your teacher, or building principal know.
  • Students, check your school email daily for assignments, updates, and Google Classroom invites. Use your school email to communicate with your teachers.  Copy of Teacher emails and Virtual Office Hours Schedule.