Harrisburg CTA

Annual CTA Sponsored Activities


  • Guest Speakers
  • Maintain flower/card fund
  • End of year picnic
  • Salary/Welfare committee
  • Calendar committee
  • Social committee
  • Recognition of school personnel, School Board Members, and retirees
  • Attend monthly BOE meetings
  • Work in partnership with PTO
  • Award annual CTA scholarships
  • Work with MSTA on legislative issues
  • Work with administrators on school issues
  • Provide support for colleagues
  • Communicate with legislators regarding education issues

2018-19 CTA Officers

President – Kelsey Fisher
Vice-President – Vince Debenito
Secretary – Molly Beutenmiller
Treasurer – Jaimie Sublett
Public Relations – Sarah Earlywine, Hannah Dressler