Harrisburg Students need your support….

Attention Harrisburg Community Members! The students of the Harrisburg School District need your support. The School Board has decided to run a NO TAX INCREASE bond issue for $2.25 million in April. Some of the proposed projects include restrooms at the baseball/football complex, safety & security upgrades, track resurfacing, technology improvements, additions to the high school, and possibly additional parking. We will also look at addressing a couple of maintenance issues such as improving our HVAC and roofs at both campuses. Additional projects are also being discussed at this time.

Harrisburg has always been a great community that supports its students and its school district. Please continue to support our students as this bond issue approaches!

I welcome all input or thoughts and will be happy to discuss this project in detail with anyone who would like to do so. Please contact me via email at combss@harrisburg.k12.mo.us. My work number is 573-875-5604, and my cell phone is 573-864-0161.

Thank You,
Steve Combs