HS Honor Roll Students

HONOR ROLL DATA NOW AVAILABLE!  Harrisburg High School has good news to share!  Data from 1st semester reveals that a majority of students made honor roll last semester! In fact, 56% of seniors, 62% of juniors, 66% and a whopping 76% of sophomores earned top grades. That makes 66% of the entire student body!  These students shine a bright light on our entire school community because no one achieves results like these alone. While it does take some ability to succeed in school, top grades do not come easily nor do they rely on book smarts alone. It takes dedication and diligence, persistence and patience. And often, nudging and help from home. We THANK YOU parents for your encouragement of your kids and your support for teachers and administrators. Together, we deserve to celebrate because we value learning, and we appreciate those who care enough to make academics a priority when so much else clamors for attention. May 66% of our student body serve as role models to inspire the other 34% to do the same this semester. We believe in ALL our students, and we are PROUD of those who made first semester honor roll! Well done, all!