Mask Exceptions

Harrisburg R-VIII School District will be accepting exemptions for our mask mandate under the following terms and conditions. 

  • Medical exemptions will be honored when written by a licensed physician for medical need, complication, or pre-existing condition. 
  • Religious exemptions will be honored under the following terms and conditions per our school attorney, Mickes O’Toole Law Firm. 

“Requests for religious exemption will be considered if the request contains

 documentation of the specific religious beliefs that are claimed to be violated by      

 the mask requirement.  The religious beliefs must be long-standing and personal 

 to the individual seeking the exemption.  Lastly, requests for exemption must contain 

 verification of the validity of the request from Clergymen, Rabi, Priests, Imen, etc.”

Thank you,

Steve Combs

Harrisburg School District