As a part of Dr. D.’s senior level, dual credit course, Composition II, Payton Drake developed an essay for a contest sponsored by the University of Missouri at Columbia. The contest is co-sponsored by the School of Law and the Campus Writing Project. The subject is campus speech, protest, and conflict resolution. The winner of this essay contest earns a $2,000 scholarship to Mizzou and a $500 prize.


As a result of her submission, Payton was invited to participate in the campus-wide “Champions Workshop” on Friday, March 2, 2018, which includes a roundtable discussion with professors on related topics and a screening of a documentary film called “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” at the True/False Festival. There is time with expert guidance to prepare her essay for potential publication in the School of Law’s Center for the Study of Dispute Resolution.


We are proud of Payton’s effort and the fact that her writing was honored at the University-level. Payton is a go-getter and embodies the Bulldog spirit!