PowerSchool Parent Portal is Back in Service!

PowerSchool has recently updated the Parent Portal.  Unfortunately, along with this update came an unexpected break in service and a requirement that all users must set up a new account.  We are pleased to announce that all systems should be up and ready for parent access at this time.  The update includes the release of a Parent Single Sign-On feature.  This feature improves the way that you log into the PowerSchool Parent Portal.  Now, each parent in a family can set up their own account, if desired, with their own personalized username and password. Multiple students (for whom they have legal and parental rights) may be linked to each parent account.

Please note that all Parent Portal users will need to set up a new account even if you already had an existing account.  Parents who receive email updates for PowerSchool will need to set up a new account and re-select email preferences. In order to set up your new account, you need an ACCESS ID and ACCESS PASSWORD assigned specifically to your child.  ID’S and passwords are being mailed to parents of each student in middle school and high school.  Elementary parents will receive their ID and Password in their child’s Friday Folder. If you are a regular user of the Parent Portal and would like to set up your new account sooner than later, please contact your child’s school office to obtain the ID and Password for your child.

If you are not currently a user of the PowerSchool Parent Portal, you may want to explore its options.  Through this feature, parents can access real-time information such as grades, assignment descriptions, student attendance records and lunch balances.

Click here to find instructions for how to create your new parent account.  If you need additional assistance, please contact any school office.

There is also an app for PowerSchool for Apple and Android devices called PowerSchool Mobile that you can download.  The School District code is BZXJ.