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PowerSchool Parent Portal

Powerschool Parent Portal, Single Sign-On

FAQ List for PowerSchool Single Sign-On (SSO)

Q.  Why can’t I just log in like I have always done?
A.  Every Parent/Guardian must create a new account for PowerSchool as part of the new Single Sign-On enhancement.

Q.  Can I use my email address for my username?
A.  No, Please use a unique username as it must be different from other users.

Q.  I received an error message “My Student has not been added to your account.  Valid student information must be entered.”  What does that mean?
A.  It may mean that you are not using the correct Access and ID and Password, possibly logging in as a student all along.  Please contact your child’s school to request information to be mailed.

Q.  I have entered the Access ID and Password that was give to me by the school but it does not work.
A. Remember that Access ID and Passwords are case sensitive.  Contract your school if you need additional information.

Q.  I have called the school for my log in information and they won’t give it to me.  How can I get it?
A.  The staff is not allowed to give personal ID’s and Passwords out over the phone.  You may however request that they mail you the information or you may pick it up in the office.  You may be asked to provide proper ID.

Q.  I am not receiving email notifications like I did before?
A.  When setting up your new parent you will be asked to enter your email address, this is what the system will recognize for your notifications.  Settings will not transfer over from your old account.

Q.  My child graduated and I cannot access PowerSchool.  How can I get their grades?
A.  parents who no longer have children enrolled in the Harrisburg School District do not have access to PowerSchool.  Please contact the administration office if you are needing information.

Q. Why I am receiving so many emails from PowerSchool?
A.  Each time a change is made to your account by you or a Harrisburg staff member an email notification is sent.

Q.  My son is able to log into his account without setting up a new one?
A.  Student’s access has not changed with SSO. Students are not eligible for Single-Sing-On as they are only given access to their individual accounts.