Students (Regulations)

R2110–Equal Education Opportunity/Section 504 Procedural Safeguards

R2170–Distribution of Noncurricular Publications by Students

R2200–Student Records Requests

R2230–Admission of Non-Tuition Students

R2240–Admission and Tuition – Non-Resident Students

R2250–Admission of Exchange Students

R2260–Admission of Homeless Students

R2270–Admission of Migrant Students

R2310–Student Attendance

R2320–Part-Time Attendance

R2330–Student Early Dismissal Procedures

R2340–Truancy and Educational Neglect Procedures

R2400–Student Educational Records

R2410–Health Information Records

R2520–Promotion and Retention

R2610–Disconduct and Disciplinary Consequences

R2620–Firearms and Weapons in School

R2653–Student Participation in Secret Organizations and Gangs




R2664–Enrollment or Return Following Suspension and/or Expulsion

R2671–Student Discipline Hearings

R2672–Discipline of Students with Disabilities

R2673–Reporting of Violent Behavior

R2710–Reporting Student Abuse

R2740–Student Safety


R2760–Foster Care Bill of Rights

R2765–Transfer of Care and Custody

R2785–Student Suicide

R2850–Inoculations of Students

R2860–Students with Communicable Diseases

R2870–Administering Medicines to Students

R2875–Student Allergy Prevention and Response

R2910–Student Publications

R2920–Interscholastic Activities and Athletics

R2921–Participation by Non-Traditional Students

R2940–Student Group Use of School Facilities