Courtney Todd

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Phone: 573-875-5602 Ext. 5577

Degree(s): Associates in Teaching, Bachelor's in English with minors in Education and Psychology. Master's in Teaching

Classes Taught:
High School English, Fiction and Film, and Career English

Extra Duties:

I enjoy reading outside, roasting marshmallows over a fire, and singing along to upbeat music.

Family Info: Married to Phillip, 8 kids...well, pets.

Hello! I’m Courtney Todd and I teach English at the high school. You may remember me last year as Ms. Holmes. I got married the week after school ended last year! I also have eight kids. Just kidding! I have 3 dogs, a cat, 3 turtles, and a beta fish. Before becoming a teacher, I was the General Manager of Chuck E. Cheese’s for 10 years. I taught part-time last year for second semester and I am absolutely thrilled to be back full-time for the 2017-2018 school year. Last year I taught 9th grade English and Fiction and Film. This year I am excited to be teaching both of those classes again, as well as 11th grade English and Career English.