Leslie Howard

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Phone: 777-5456 or 875-0290

Degree(s): Title-One Preschool * Early Childhood Special Education * Special Education Kindergarten through Sixth Grade

Classes Taught:
Title-One Preschool * Kindergarten Special Education *  Special Education grades 1 though 6  

Extra Duties:
After School Parent Pick-Up

Reading Fishing Gardening Canning/Preserving Cooking Spending time with my family Love Boxer Dogs    

Family Info: Mom of two fine Sons!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Things happen so fast at this age.  We have lots of fun and fun with lots of learning!

Let me thank you first for sharing your child with me!  They make my day!  I would like to share just a few things with you that I have found to be very helpful with our little ones.

Provide an area at home that has extra school supplies.  Some suggestions are basic school supplies, blank paper, construction paper, write on wipe off board, letter/number flash cards etc.  Children love to create and share.  You will be excited to see what they are learning in class through their creations at home.

Please have a selection of books for your child to choose and interact with.  We send home books for them to keep regularly.  Please keep titles that are age appropriate for them to explore.  Read to them as much as possible.  Don’t be surprised it they want to hear the same titles frequently.  Encourage, once they are familiar with the text to “read the story to you!”  This is a wonderful way to build confidence, book handling skills and comprehension!

Encourage your child to follow a routine, especially during wake-time and bed-time.  This will build responsibility and self-awareness of security and self.  This helps make a smooth transition into a kindergarten program.  Encourage them to be responsibile